Delicious recipes to get your baby eating vegetables

Delicious recipes to get your baby eating vegetablesI

It’s an exciting time when your baby starts to try solid foods! If your baby is ready, solid foods can be introduced at around 4 to 6 months, when your bub’s digestive system has developed enough to handle more than breast milk and formula. Your bub will start to take an interest in the food that you’re eating, will have more of an appetite than previously, and you’ll notice bub beginning to demonstrate some chewing motions as his or her mouth develops. It’s great if you can get your children to have a good relationship with vegetables from a young age, so here’s some yummy recipes you can try to boost your bub’s veggie consumption.

Bolognese Sauce


While you might like to add red wine and a pinch of chilli to your own ‘grown up’ Bolognese sauce, a very simple tomato-based sauce packed full of veggies is a great way to introduce this yummy dish to your child. Add onions, carrots, celery, and even zucchini or broccoli to your mince meat and tinned tomatoes, and simmer until the vegetables are nice and soft and tender. Alternatively you can add the vegetables to your food processer and blitz them up, then add the smooth vegetable paste back into the pan with the meat and tomatoes.


Lentils, potato and pumpkin stew


You can choose to puree this delicious vegetable combination if you like, or simply chuck all the veggies in the slow cooker for the day. Add in some onions, garlic, and any other herbs you think you baby will be game to have a go at. By dinner time, you’ll have a lovely soft stew with some interesting flavours and textures for bub to try.



Homemade chicken nuggets

Rather than the stuff from the freezer or McDonalds, try these homemade chicken nuggets – you can give your bub a little treat and know exactly what went into them. Mix chicken mince with grated cheese, peas, and a veggie puree (carrot and zucchini is always good), lightly spray a pan with olive oil and spoon the mixture into the pan to create small ‘nuggets’. Fry until golden.

Chia pudding

Ok, so it’s not a vegetable, but we had to include this great recipe for its nutritional benefits and easy preparation. Chia seeds have been hugely popular in the health food world for a while now, and their soft, smooth texture and high calcium and protein content make them the perfect health food for bub too! The great thing about chia pudding is that it’s best when prepared the night before, so you can chuck it all together tonight and wake up tomorrow morning to a fuss-free breakfast. Simply mix chia seeds with milk and honey in a jar and stir to combine the mixture. Leave in the fridge overnight and serve as-is or with some soft fruit (such as berries or stewed apples) on top.

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