The essential items for a day out with bub

Venturing out for a coffee, a bit of shopping, or a walk in the park with your baby is a lovely way to spend a day. Whether it’s just you and your bub, or you’re meeting up with friends, when you head out with a little one it pays to be prepared for anything. Here’s a few things we recommend all parents should pack in their baby bag.

  • Pram pegs and muslin wrapsno ‘essentials’ list would be complete without these. Cotton muslin wraps and durable pram pegs are the perfect way to keep your baby comfortable all day.
  • Snacks and milk – if you choose not to breastfeed on your day out, it’s a good idea to grab something for your bub to eat so they stay happy and fuss-free while you enjoy your latte.
  • Extra muslin wraps for cleaning up – whether it’s spit ups or other spills, you never know what mess a baby might make. Muslin wraps are lightweight so they’re easy to throw in your bag without taking up too much room.
  • Toys, teddy bears and dummies – keep your little one entertained and give them something to snuggle up to. If they’re feeling happy and entertained the day will run much more smoothly!
  • Nappies and a change of clothes – just in case disaster strikes.
  • A spare top for yourself – it doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared. Burping bub can get messy and you’ll be glad you’ve got something nice and clean to change into if your baby decided to use your t-shirt as a spit up cloth!
  • Hand sanitiser – when there’s not a bathroom nearby, a bottle of hand sanitiser is a lifesaver after dealing with messy situations.
  • Extra blankets – grab bub’s favourite blanket to keep them warm and feeling secure. Any blanket that you and your baby like will do, but throwing a few extra muslin wraps into your bag will have you covered.
  • Hat and baby sunscreen – you never know where the day will take you, so this is important to keep bub’s delicate skin safe, especially during the summer months.
  • Tissues and wipes – a travel-sized pack of tissues and/or wipes will come in handy many, many times throughout the day, both for you and bub.

And don’t forget yourself… there’s some parent ‘must haves’ too – mums and dads can get tired and cranky just like baby! To avoid exhaustion and getting ‘hangry’, make sure you’ve got a water bottle for yourself, some snacks (preferably ones you can eat one-handed and on the go), and make sure you’ve got some cash on you to grab coffees or little treats along the way.

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